Debian packages

Here are some useful things I've packaged.


Attempt to package it officially: gkrellm-thinkbat. Already in lenny/sid.

ThinkPad battery status indicator plugin for gkrellm.


Attempt to package it officially: gkrellm-xkb. Already in lenny/sid

Keyboard layout indicator and switcher plugin for gkrellm.


This functionality seems to be included in gkrellm. This package is obsolete.

HDD temperature monitoring plugin for gkrellm.


NEC SOCKS5 reference implementation (client and server)

Includes SOCKS5 client with somewhat working remote DNS resolving. I have patched it with getaddrinfo() support and other minor patches. I've also prevented compilation of HAVE_GETIFADDRS branch which corrupts malloc memory and segfaults on allocation. Tested on Debian etch.

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