Karplus-Strong string synthesis algorithm

This is really interesting and simple simulation of plucked string. You can read about it on Wikipedia – Karplus-Strong. I've found this explanation when I had it half implemented, it's really good.

Here's the diagram of feedback loop (source):

The delay line is initialised by white noise (length of the line is determined by frequency).


The last one sounds good but is not clear because I've done some tweaking. It can sound even better, but I don't know how (yet). I've been trying to implement the extended algorithm but I don't understand the theory enough to know what I'm doing wrong.


  • python-tksnack which depends on libsnack2 (install libsnack2-alsa or you may be surprised by loud output at midnight)

tkSnack depends on Tkinter which is part of Python library so I used it for GUI too.


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