My patch for better middle click trackpoint support on Windows was accepted upstream. It is small patch but middle button mis-clicks went straight to zero.

For more information about this issue see my wiki (download sources, binary, or you can download upstream tpmiddle version).


This fixes missing transparency in eggtrayicon which is used in fbxkb by using newer Gtk status icon. It also stops handling clicks but I don't need that. Download.

Also here are better Slovak and US flags: download.

I was using xxkb until now but it was disappearing from tint2 panel when refreshing or quitting (i.e. when XRandR changed something – connected or disconnected video output).

Python libshout binding

Patch for shout-python 0.2.1 (icecast2 library) which fixes segfault on amd64 architecture – download.

DokuWiki BlogTNG plugin

I fixed for myself bug that prevented sending comment notifications when somebody subscribed – download.

Ruby Pcap binding

Patch adding findalldevs and sendpacketdownload.

Ruby WebKit Gtk+ binding

Small patch enhancing binding capabilities – download.

PHP Markdown Extra

I have fixed footnote id conflicts for multiple runs on one page. Patch against version 1.1.7 – download.


Shows country code when no country flag is found. Patch against version 1.05 – download.

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