Adventures with SDL

In November 2003 I started playing with SDL library and tried to program animation which gave a start to this little project. In summer of 2004 I picked it up and started developing “adventure game engine” for few weeks. I revisited it two times later which makes it longest project I have ever worked on (maybe not by time spent on it as the development never lasted longer than two weeks at a time, but certainly by timespan). It has only the basics, nothing you can really do a game with.

Now I tried to compile the 2004 version just to find the most recent version a few moments later (it's missing only cleanups and some feature updates). The most recent version is from January 2006 when I mostly cleaned it up a bit.

Main features I worked on:

  • animated objects
  • animated cursors
  • foreground and background
  • point and click walking character
  • scrolling scene (last thing I started working on)

Please note that data files are for testing purposes only, I didn't make them.

Here's the source tarball, build depends on libsdl-dev, libsdl-ttf2.0-dev, libsdl-image1.2-dev and zlib1g-dev (it's written in C).

Based on this SDL experience I also made a program in January 2005 which calculates and shows regular polygon. It was a quick hack so it's really messy, not suitable for reuse :) I'm sharing this just to remind myself I was once capable of motivating myself to do useless messy little things like this, it just gets harder for me to find something enjoyable to hack on.

I cleaned the files a bit and scraped off Windows project stuff. I wasn't familiar with Emacs back then so I wrote it in Windows IDE which messed up whitespaces.

Sources include brand new simple Makefile which depends on libsdl-dev package.

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