DocBook Transformations

Despite it's long history, DocBook is generally not very well known and spread. I was struggling with transformations so I'd like to help others with this package.

This is set of XSL stylesheets (includes generating title page stylesheet) with Makefile which creates great PDF from the example DocBook source. It's based on stylesheets for vim-xml howto by Tobias Reif (released under GNU GPL).

Depends on DocBook XSL stylesheets, xsltproc and fop (works with FOP 0.20.5, I have been unsuccessful with 0.93). As example it is embedding DejaVu fonts into the PDF (I have used them because base PDF fonts lack ISO-8859-2 characters). XML with metrics is generated like this:

fop-ttfreader -enc ansi font.ttf output.xml

Currently it formats paragraphs in european style, modification is documented and you can easily comment it out.

Download: tarball

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